Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Wisconsin Science Festival Event

Hosting a #WiSciFest event

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Wisconsin Science Festival event in your area. Below are the steps you should take to include your event in the festival. Remember, we are here to help at any point!


1. Before applying

  • Review the “About” page on If this information and the selection criteria corresponds with the capacities and goals of your event and organization, you are ready for the next step!
  • Determine some basics about your event (date, time, audience, location, etc.) or contact us for help coming up with ideas! Even if you don’t have all the info yet, you can always make changes to your submission at a later date.
  • Create a captivating event title and description for your event listing on our website (we will provide a unique URL for each individual event after approval). Be as specific as possible and include things like parking, accessibility or preregistration information.

2. The application process

  • Complete the application form including as much information about your event as you can plus a photo (at least 1200×600) or logo. See here for a sneak peak of what fields are on the form.
  • You should receive a confirmation email with your application overview. WiSciFest staff will review and notify you of your status.

3. Before the festival

  • If your event is approved, you are ready to start promoting as an official Wisconsin Science Festival event! Congratulations! We will provide media templates, a social media kit and press release information along with a form to request your official host kit.
  • Review the Event Host Information Guide provided with host kit.
  • Continue to stay in communication with WiSciFest staff regarding updates to your event listing as you finalize plans and execute promotions for your awesome event!
  • Tag #WiSciFest on social media posts about your event.

4. At #WiSciFest

  • Enjoy the Wisconsin Science Festival and all the cool events it has to offer!

5. After the festival

  • Respond to the post-event email to provide your attendance, photos, anecdotes and feedback. Then get excited for the next Wisconsin Science Festival!

Have questions?
Need ideas?

Contact us!

We’re here to help.

By participating in events held, sponsored, or promoted by Wisconsin Science Festival, you agree to assume all risk related to COVID-19 and release from liability the Wisconsin Science Festival and its affiliated partners and sponsors, as more fully set forth at  Learn about the year-round community programs at the Discovery Building.

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