Application Form Sneak Peek

Application Form Sneak Peek


  1. Event Title – The more exciting the better! Make it catchy, thought-provoking, mysterious or even funny!
  2. Event Description – Make it fun, add keywords, add location/city. Include registration information, links, parking information, specific age requirements, etc. This description can be edited and added to until the week of the festival, so no worries if you don’t have things finalized yet.
  3. Specify your event date(s) and times – Must fall within Oct 14-20 to be included on the form.
  4. Event Venue – Please be specific as this will be added to our festival Google map.
  5. Organizer(s) – Who do you work for? This will be included in the event listing and can include multiple organizations. Contact information listed here will be included in the event listing.
  6. Event Website – Does your event have its own webpage or Facebook event already? Link it here!
  7. Event Type – Choose from our list of categories (Online, Citizen Science, Performance/Film, Demonstration, Hands-on, Talks, etc.).
  8. Target Age/Grade – Choose from: PreK and Kindergarten, Elementary and Up, Middle School and Up, High School/College and Up, 21+ Only.
  9. Type of Institution – Is the organizing group Nonprofit, For-profit, Higher Education, K-12 Education or Government Agency?
  10. Your Contact Info (Name, Email, Phone, Mailing Address) – This is so we can reach you and will not be public. The mailing address will be used to send your event host kit with promotional materials.
  11. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – Handles to be included in event listing and used by our marketing team to cross-promote on the Wisconsin Science Festival pages.
  12. Cost – Wisconsin Science Festival encourages free or reduced cost events but this is not a requirement. Be sure to include ways to purchase tickets in the event description if this is a condition of your event.
  13. Event Tags – There will be an option to include event keywords and select which of our event categories best relate to your event (these help participants search our website for events they are most interested in).
  14. Photo Upload – Include a fun picture or logo (at least 1200×600) to be used as the featured image on your event listing. This can be submitted via email after form is submitted. The banner image on your individual event listing is 1200×450 and the image for your event in the listing of all events is 600×600.


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By participating in events held, sponsored, or promoted by Wisconsin Science Festival, you agree to assume all risk related to COVID-19 and release from liability the Wisconsin Science Festival and its affiliated partners and sponsors, as more fully set forth at  Learn about the year-round community programs at the Discovery Building.

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