Wisconsin Science Festival Scavenger Hunt

Science on the Square Scavenger Hunt

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a total of eight hidden Beeslys (the Wisconsin Science Festival honeybee mascot) at select downtown Madison locations! Each hidden Beesly will be in a storefront location visible from the sidewalk. You do not need to go into any of the venues to find her.

She will be holding a flag with a letter. Once all eight Beeslys are found, unscramble the letters to form the mystery word. Then add it to WiSciFest.org/__________. For example, if the mystery word was science, you would go to WiSciFest.org/science to see your fun surprise and instructions to claim a special Wisconsin Science Festival prize!

Have fun and don’t forget to post pictures of your hunt using #WiSciFest!

Here are the eight clues!  You do not need to go in any particular order.

Clue #1 – Find Beesly flying high above the sweet smells. Say hello for a free sample of soap to keep clean this school year!

Clue #2 – With the science festival in full swing, Beesly went looking to find some science nerds but came across this store and found some sugary ones instead.

Clue #3 – Did you know that bees can’t see the color red! But Beesly did see this store and couldn’t help but look for some beautiful flowers and plants to pollinate!

Clue #4 – Find Beesly on Gorham Street (between State and Henry). You’ll find art supplies and a staff that’s friendly. Visit them for brushes and paints galore. Clays, canvas, markers, toys and more!

Clue #5 – Beesly knows she can play and learn with children here and there is now even more space to buzz around outdoors in the new Wonderground!

Clue #6 – Beesly’s perfect gift might be honey, but you can shop for your own tiny extravagance here. A Madison staple for the last 30 years!

Clue #7 – Who cut the fromage? Beesly can be cheesy but her human friends are true turophiles and are dreaming of their next delicious artisan purchase here.

Clue #8 – Beesly knows where there’s a hive of information about Downtown Madison and you will surely see her there.


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