Exploring Careers in Engineering Panel

WATCH HERE In this prerecorded session, panelists from the UW-Madison Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association offer their insights into the various fields of engineering. Topics covered include a comparison of various types of engineering, how to choose your engineering discipline, types of career paths available with engineering degrees, and advice on the transition from high … Continued

Wisconsin Book Festival: Wit’s End (James Geary)

Much more than a knack for snappy comebacks, wit is the quick, instinctive intelligence that allows us to think, say or do the right thing at the right time in the right place. In this whimsical book, James Geary explores every facet of wittiness, from its role in innovation to why puns are the highest … Continued

Kids in the Rotunda Presents The Physics Experience

Physics is the study of how things move, how they push and pull on each other, and how they exchange energy. The Physics Experience is a fast-paced, engaging and educational physics program, filled with demonstrations that help people better understand the physics in the world around them while having fun! Mike Randall is the former … Continued

Phoenix from the Ashes Exhibition

The Phoenix from the Ashes exhibit highlights creative projects made from Madison ash trees destined to die due to the emerald ash borer infestation. Phoenix from the Ashes is a unique partnership between Madison Parks, Madison Arts Commission and Wisconsin Urban Wood. The trees, once felled, were milled by The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin, an … Continued

Dairy Cattle Center

Explore and learn about Wisconsin’s dairy industry with 45-minute guided tours through the UW-Madison Dairy Cattle Center. Tours start on the hour and the last tour leaves at 2 p.m. Tours on Friday, October 18, are for preregistered school groups only (more information here).

Madison Central Library STEM Themed Book Display

In honor of the Wisconsin Book Festival and Wisconsin Science Festival, come to the Madison Central Library to check out the display of children’s books related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Friendly staff will assist you if you are interested in learning more about a certain topic such as robots, fossils or outer … Continued

Swept Away – Overture Galleries Exhibition

Using the circle as a symbol of earth and eternity, Swept Away weaves a narrative of climate change. A rich tapestry of natural materials and impressions of ephemeral objects explore the effects of human disruptions to the equilibrium of the biosphere. Swept Away by artists Aaron Laux & Katherine Steichen Rosing is on view in … Continued

UW Geology Museum

Explore the Geology Museum and take a peek into Wisconsin’s deep history! On your visit you can touch rocks from a time when there were volcanoes in Wisconsin; see corals, jellyfish and other sea creatures that used to live and swim where we now walk; and stand under the tusks of a mastodon while imagining … Continued

L.R. Ingersoll Physics Museum (est. 1918)

The Ingersoll Physics Museum: Our exhibits give our guests a hands-on experience of physical concepts ranging from mechanics to modern physics in a demonstrational kid-friendly environment. Our 1500sf museum consists of over 65 exhibits with some rotating in and out each year. In conjunction to our museum, you can find photos of the Nobel Prize … Continued

“The Fragile Bee” WUD Art Exhibit

The Wisconsin Union Directorate Art Committee presents “The Fragile Bee,” an art exhibit by Nancy Macko. The Fragile Bee examines the growing plight of the decreasing bee population. With her art, Nancy Macko has created thought-provoking reminders of just how pivotal our precious honeybees are to our natural food supply. View her art at Memorial … Continued

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