POST-FESTIVAL EVENT: KidWind Educator Workshop

The Wisconsin Energy Institute, Wisconsin’s K-12 Energy Education Program and KidWind are excited to bring the KidWind Educator Workshop to communities across Wisconsin. Join us at the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley and learn how to explore the power of wind and solar with your students! Review energy and electricity basics, … Continued

Reasons for the Seasons

Step into the L.E. Phillips Planetarium to discover star-filled sky in the middle of the day! Attendees will get familiarized with some common stars and constellations they can find in the night sky before learning about what does and doesn’t cause our changing seasons each year in a roughly hour-long interactive presentation. Hosted by Assistant … Continued

Hands-On Environmental Health!

Protecting the health of our family and friends is important. We will learn how to use instruments to detect environmental hazards and equipment to protect us. Try on a HAZMAT suit! Help build a COVID filter box to purify the air! Set up a laser beam! Test stream water quality! Young scientists can make a … Continued

Try to Solve These Hands-On Brainteasers Puzzles!

Try an unusual variety of fun & challenging. hands-on brainteaser puzzles at the unique Logic Puzzle Museum. Visits are in a 90-minute session, with lots of family fun and thinking! After a brief introduction, the hands-on brainteaser puzzle fun & thinking begins, plus see the exhibit and collection. Visitors may also make a puzzle to … Continued

Learn Tabletop Optical & Mind Tricks!

Learn fun, funny and amusing optical and mind tricks for the tabletop that will impress, delight and confound your family and friends. Try 13 different challenges that fool your brain. These are quick things to try, learn and wonder about: classics, science, physics, almost-magic or just thinking fun! Workshop participants may try a gravity-defying object, … Continued

Geographical Evolution of North American Rivers

Recent research has demonstrated that the lower Wisconsin River developed as part of an eastward-flowing river system, rather than as a tributary of the Mississippi River. This talk with Professor Eric Carson discusses that research and the changes North American rivers have experienced over the last several million years. Wisconsin Science Festival Week seemed to … Continued

The History of Glass

Join us for The History of Glass: From natural phenomena to its crucial role in everyday life in the Jane Greene Room at the Sturgeon Bay Library. Presentation by Jeremy Popelka of the Popelka Tranchard Glass Studio. VIEW RECORDING

Yo-Yo Class for Beginners, Ages 8-108!

Learn up to 10 classic yo-yo tricks in the class at the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum. Tricks include Walk-the-Dog, Rock-the-Baby, Around-the-World, string picture tricks and more. The one-hour class is for kids and adults, minimum ages of 8, younger ages are not admitted into class. A high quality, long sleeping ball bearing yo-yo is … Continued

13,000 Years of Driftless Ingenuity

Unleash your curiosity at The Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums during the 12th-annual Wisconsin Science Festival the week of October 10-16! As part of the festivities, the Museums will debut a new exhibit titled “The Science and Art of Glass,” available for viewing all week long (October 10-16, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.). The exhibit follows glass … Continued

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