SoundWaves: The Art and Science of Cities: Specimen, New York

SoundWaves looks into what makes NYC tick. How does the city sustain itself? What happens to New York as the climate changes? What’s the best way to get around town? How does the city address its many problems? And what is it like to be a musician in the cultural capital of the U.S.? Join … Continued

MUMMIFICATION! at the Pauline Haass Public Library

Do mummies and ancient Egypt fascinate you? Visit the children’s department at the Pauline Haass Public Library during Wisconsin Science Festival and view a mummification exhibit. Beginning October 1, sign up to receive your own kit for mummifying an apple. Sign up at

Wisconsin Book Festival: Fuzz (Mary Roach in Conversation with Joshua Foer)

Join “America’s funniest science writer,” Mary Roach, on an irresistible investigation into the unpredictable world where wildlife and humans meet. Roach will discuss her newest book, Fuzz, in conversation with Joshua Foer, author of Moonwalking with Einstein. Join the event at: Before the event begins, you will see a countdown and the event image. … Continued

Wisconsin Book Festival: Revelations in Air (Jude Stewart)

An extraordinary, strange and startlingly beautiful exploration of smell, the least understood of our five senses. Overlapping with taste yet larger in scope, smell is the sense that comes closest to pure perception. Smell can collapse space and time, unlocking memories and transporting us to worlds both new and familiar. Yet as clearly as each … Continued

Wisconsin Book Festival: Fans (Larry Olmsted)

The New York Times and Washington Post best-selling author turns his expertise to a subject that has never been fully explored, delivering a highly entertaining game changer that uses brand-new research to show us why being a sports fan is good for us individually and is a force for positive change in society. Fans is … Continued

Wisconsin Book Festival: Shape (Jordan Ellenberg)

From the New York Times-bestselling author of How Not to Be Wrong—himself a world-class geometer—a far-ranging exploration of the power of geometry, which turns out to help us think better about practically everything. How should a democracy choose its representatives? How can you stop a pandemic from sweeping the world? How do computers learn to … Continued

Fungi in Wisconsin: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Fungi in Wisconsin go well beyond button mushrooms and meaty portobellos. They are important to our state in numerous ways that range from posing serious threats to crops and ecosystems to being essential for numerous organisms and industries like brewing. Wisconsin Public Radio’s Larry Meiller and a panel of experts explore the roles that fungi … Continued

Wisconsin Book Festival: When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People (Steven Nadler and Lawrence Shapiro)

Why the tools of philosophy offer a powerful antidote to today’s epidemic of irrationality. There is an epidemic of bad thinking in the world today. An alarming number of people are embracing crazy, even dangerous ideas. They believe that vaccinations cause autism. They reject the scientific consensus on climate change as a “hoax.” And they … Continued

Junior Naturalist Activity Day: Preparing for Winter!

Families can stop by the Cable Natural History Museum’s classroom and backyard anytime between 10 a.m. and noon to participate in a naturalist-led activity and craft stations. Activities are designed for kids going into grades K-6 to do with their families. Adults should stay with their children and are encouraged to play with us! Donations … Continued

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