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Welcome to the Zoo! with Kohl’s Wild Theater

Saturday10/1710:30 am - 11:30 am

Solitary student Skylar Schultz is on a school trip to the zoo. After a mysterious encounter with a wise river turtle, Skylar is transformed into a Humboldt penguin, a zebra and a river otter. Skylar learns that to return to human form, one must “wade with the waddle,” “doze with the dazzle” and “roll with the romp.” With the help of some colorful animals and a caring zookeeper, Skylar learns to overcome a fear of interacting with others. This 40-minute interactive musical meets social-emotional learning standards by exploring the connections between young people, zookeepers and animals.


This is an online event.

Event Details:

Event Category: Plants, Animals, Microbes
Event Features:
Event Type: Online Event
Age: All ages
Admission: Free

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