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Badger Talk: New Technologies for Recycling of Plastic Waste

Wednesday10/186:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Center for Upcycling of Waste Plastics is developing the scientific, engineering and economic information that will enable the chemical recycling of waste plastics. CUWP involves 23 industrial partners, one national laboratory and five universities throughout North America.

We are developing a technology that uses solvents to selectively target recovery and precipitate (STRAP) of targeted plastics from multilayer plastic or plastic mixtures. In general terms, STRAP “washes” multilayered films several times with solvents to separate the multiple components mixed in plastic films into single components, known as resins. These resins can then be reused to make more of the product from which they originated, or they can be used to manufacture products with higher value or quality (known as upcycling).

Join us at Argyle Public Library.

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Argyle Public Library
401 E Milwaukee St,
Argyle, WI 53504


Argyle Public Library

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