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Gyroscope Tricks & Experiments – Feel the Force! A Hands-On Workshop

Sunday10/241:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Learn tricks! Try experiments! Feel the force~
Get a gyro to use & keep!
+ See odd gyroscopes from the museum’s world-class collection

Gyroscopes are in the spinning top family, with spinning abilities beyond most tops, with a mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. The amazing device, invented in the 1700s, not only demonstrates gyroscopic stability, but is fun and challenging. Gyroscope technology is used in numerous applications today, including satellite navigation, flight stabilization in helicopters and stabilizing features in rockets, missiles and planes.

Experiments using a gyroscope and its “force” are the focus of the workshop, using an assortment of materials. Participants will also learn gyroscope tricks such as Tip Balance, Pick-Up, Transfer, Hop, Tightrope, and Combo.

The workshop also showcases rare and unique toy gyroscopes, antique to modern, from the museum’s collection, and a real-life gyroscope from a large transportation object.

Everyone receives a high-quality gyroscope TO USE & TO KEEP.

Advance registration by phone is required, due to limited space.
The workshop fee is $35/person and includes a $15 gyroscope & other items to keep. The workshop is for ages 8-16 only.

Call 262 763-3946 to register. The workshop is at the nonprofit, educational Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum, 533 Milwaukee Av, Burlington, WI 53105
Free parking.


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Demonstration, Hands-On
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Elementary and Up
Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum


Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum
533 Milwaukee Av
Burlington, WI 53105 United States


SpinningTop & Yo-Yo Museum

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