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Close Observation: Art & Science in the Anthropocene

Sunday10/221:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Working across disciplines in a variety of modes and materials, five researcher/artists express the hope that visual communication points the way to a more ecologically sustainable future. Including scientific illustration, nature explorations, encaustic painting and the use of a new material that literally detoxifies, the exhibition asks viewers to take a close look at living in the Anthropocene.

Art and science are “disciplines” that share a common motivation and goal to first understand and describe the world around us, explains UWL Art Gallery Director Deborah-Eve Lombard. “However, this essential first step leads to engaging in reflection across all elements of society and most importantly effecting behavior changes in individuals and society at large. With process bound by close observation, communication, dialog, problem solving and creativity, art and science urge us to decide how we will rethink what we think we know,” Lombard says.

Art in the exhibition includes work by:

• Pat Hidson, Milwaukee

• Barrett Klein, UWL Biology Department

• Bethann Moran, Fort Atkinson

• Jasmine Pradissitto, London, England

• Jennifer Williams, UWL Art Department

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