2014 Wisconsin Science Festival: Unleashing statewide curiosity October 16-19

When you think of the signature items of Wisconsin’s food culture, what comes to mind? Cheese. Dairy. Cranberries. Cherries. Beer. Fish. Anything pickled. Order yourself an Old Fashioned and watch it all come together during this rich-in-tradition night we’re calling the Science of Supper Clubs. That’s right. Friday night of the Wisconsin Science Festival in the Town Center will be dedicated to the culture of these things that so many Wisconsinites love.

That’s just your first sneak peek at the 2014 festival! Other events on tap include:

  • Discovery Expo – All four days at the Discovery Building
  • Discussing De-Extinction with Stan Temple and WPR’s Steve Paulson
  • Saturday Nerd Nite at the Discovery Building
  • An encore performance of Li Chiao Ping’s Rise Over Run

And much more is coming all around the state! Don’t miss activities for the Wisconsin Book Festival, happening the same four days in Madison.

Field Trips & Teacher Workshops

Once again, the festival will welcome hundreds of K-12 students on Thursday and Friday, October 16 and 17, as well as offer teacher training workshops. Learn more about these opportunities on the Teachers tab.

"The Wisconsin Science Festival is one of the best field trip experiences I have ever done with my class, and I have been teaching for three decades!" – 2013 WSF Attendee

Did you want to present at the 2014 Wisconsin Science Festival?

Applications to present an event or activity for the 2014 Wisconsin Science Festival have now closed. It’s not too early though to start thinking about the 2015 festival.

It’s not too late to volunteer for 2014, though! Learn about volunteer opportunities at the Discovery Building and locations around Madison.